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Having any building work in Essex, Cambridge or Suffolk can be an exciting prospect. You can increase the size of your house, create more bedrooms for children or grandchildren to visit, have more living space for yourself and your family. But before you get carried away with all the possibilities, it’s important to plan carefully so that you don’t end up paying over budget or getting stuck with something you absolutely hate, take the most important step and call My Builder Essex and let our highly knowledgeable staff guide you through the process.

First of all, it’s important to remember that any building work can require planning permission in Essex, Cambridge or Suffolk. In fact, you should speak with us at My Builder Essex first, with decades experience in all aspects of building work we can design your project to not need planning and still add huge spaces. With our relationships with the councils across Essex, Cambridge or Suffolk. we take great pride in completing all projects to meet all Essex, Cambridge or Suffolk Building regulations. We can tell you whether or not your proposed plans are allowable and discuss the necessary steps for getting approval before applying for planning permission if needed, at which point we can offer architectural design in Essex, Cambridge or Suffolk, and even structural engineer plans for your house refurbishment.

Building specialists in Essex, Cambridge or Suffolk like us at My Builder Essex should all be working within Building Regulation from Essex, Cambridge or Suffolk County councils. The building regulations that cover Essex, Cambridge or Suffolk any building work are in place for your peace of mind, building regulation ensure that your building project in Essex, Cambridge or Suffolk is built to a high and safe standard, the Essex, Cambridge or Suffolk  building control sign off is essential if you sell the property. A potential buyer will have a survey completed on the property, and as only properties in Essex, Cambridge or Suffolk with building regulations sign off can be sold as habitable spaces, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

My Builder Essex are so proud of our any building work that we offer a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship- yes that guarantees forever that the Builder built by My Builder Essex will not have any failings due to workmanship.

Why are we the best builder in Essex?

Choosing which builder to trust, with thousands of builder in Essex this can be overwhelming.

My Builder Essex is one of the first choices for homeowners in Essex. With a growing list of accreditations, highly rated online builder reviews across Essex, Cambridge and Suffolk, it really is no wonder that so many people trust us each year to build, renovate and extend their homes.

My Builder Essex undertake full home extensions, loft conversion and refurbishments- not only do we build your project to the highest standards, and have each project certified by local councils, but we provide architectural and structural designs to suit each and every individuals needs.  

My Builder Essex reinvest in our team of skilled trades people, with each and every operative having ongoing training and annual safety training. This is how we stay at the forefront of building techniques, utilising the latest and best rated materials, equipment and processes. 

Building in Essex

With the supply of Essex based builders in high demand it can often feel like a mine field, that is why we at My Builder Essex take the stress away.

You recognise the logo? You have probably seen us around working on building projects across Essex, Cambridge and Suffolk- our teams are clearly visible in our new fleet of environmentally friendly vehicles.

We are a responsible builder and as we continue to grow we develop better environmental practices, both in our ethical sourcing of materials for building projects, and our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint.

Building waste

My Builder Essex are certified by the environments agency as an upper tier waste carrier.  This certification  proves our dedication to recycle and reuse materials, further reducing the carbon footprint from building works.

My Builder Essex are proud members of the NABC, the national association of building contractors- another evidence that we are externally accredited builders, working to the highest standards within the building industry.

Do I need a structural engineer for the project?

My Builder Essex pride ourselves on full project management, from conception to completion. It is for that reason we proudly undertake not only structural designs for all building works, but architectural too.

Using decades of knowledge we are able to design, with the clients demands being met, and in keep with all structural design requirements.

Certified structural designs are provided for each building project and then authorised by the relevant local council as part of the building regulations submissions.

Building Projects in Essex, Cambridge & Suffolk

Developing your home is the top choice of home owners in Essex, Cambridge and Suffolk nowadays. With house prices ever rising and the demand for more space a home extension, loft conversion or even converting the garage into habitable space is a great and cost effective choice.

We at My Builder Essex will advise clients on the most cost effective home extension route, we check the market values, and advise of the most desirable extension options for your area, to provide the additional room that you the homeowner wants to achieve.

How long will an extension take?

There are many variables to be considered when developing your home, by adding a room, by means of extension, loft conversion or even converting a garage.

Always discuss with My Builder Essex your time restraints, as a responsible builder, we will always work with clients and advise them on the best practices, and provide the highest quality finish. 

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