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An Expert Guide to Planning Your Home Extension in Essex

Having a home extension is an exciting prospect. You can increase the size of your house, create more bedrooms for children or grandchildren to visit, have more living space for yourself and your family. But before you get carried away with all the possibilities, it’s important to plan carefully so that you don’t end up paying over budget or getting stuck with something you absolutely hate!

First of all, it’s important to remember that house extensions require planning permission in Essex. In fact, you should speak with a town or city planner first so they can tell you whether or not your proposed plans are allowable and discuss the necessary steps for getting approval before applying for planning permission.

Once this step has been completed, there may be several other considerations to consider, such as building regulations that must also be adhered to when building an extra room onto your home. But don’t worry! The good news about these additional regulations is that they’re designed to ensure your new home addition will remain safe and habitable for years after construction is complete.

Why have a house extension?

House extensions are becoming more and more popular, as many people opt to have a larger living space in which their family can be comfortable. Some of the most common reasons for having an extension include adding bedrooms so there is enough room for everyone, creating an open plan kitchen/diner or home office, converting your loft into additional storage space, or adding a roof terrace to your existing home.

Planning house extensions may seem like a daunting task, and yes, there are certainly some hurdles to jump before you can get started. However, the benefits of having more space in your home far outweigh these issues, so it is definitely worth getting started on your house extensions plan as soon as possible!

Start by thinking about what you want from this new ‘room’ or area that will be created upon completion? How would it benefit you if there was another lounge room for hosting parties/social events? Do you have children who need their very own play areas where they won’t disturb anyone else but still feel independent enough within their surroundings? Or maybe even an extra bedroom which could become useful when friends or family come over to visit during holidays etc.?

What are the benefits of having a house extension?

There are many benefits to having a house extension, including: –

 More rooms- Adding value to your home by increasing the total living space you have available.

 Creating additional storage areas for all of those extra items that fill up our homes, such as bikes and garden tools.

 Having more room inside your existing home which is why it’s so popular among families with young children. 

These reasons show just how important it can be to add extensions to your property. However, if you’re still unsure about what these benefits might mean for you, consider some of the top reasons people choose to extend their homes in Essex.

  • House extensions are a great way to increase the space in your home
  • They offer more room for an extra bedroom, living room, or office
  • You can also use it as a guest house or studio

How to get started with your home extension project

There are some challenges that you need to think about before starting your home extensions project.

First, check with local building regulations and planning permission.

Second, how much will it cost? Make a detailed budget of the costs associated with the work, such as materials, labor, etc. Also, consider any other additional expenses like legal fees or moving costs if necessary.

Thirdly, what is your time frame for this project? Do you have all the free time to dedicate yourself fully, or do you want to hire out certain parts of the process? Finally, get started on further research by looking at different builders such as My Builder Essex who can help design and build an amazing addition!

The costs and time frame involved in extending your property 

The money you will spend on extending your home will vary depending on the type of work you carry out and what part of Essex you are based in.

For example, if you live near a city such as Chelmsford, then costs might be higher due to more expensive labor rates for qualified tradespeople (such as carpenters or joiners). However, if all the materials can be sourced locally from suppliers, there may not need to have any transporting done, reducing overall expenses significantly.

Finally, consider hiring My Builder Essex who can help develop some great designs so that your extensions are future-proofed and have no major structural issues later down the line! Make sure they create detailed plans, too, detailing everything about how this new lego should look once completed and how it should all fit together.

Hiring an architect might seem unnecessary, but they will be able to do things such as make sure the extension is positioned correctly and that there are no structural risks later on in life, which could cost you a lot more down the line, not to mention making your house much safer! If you haven’t got enough money for this, consider hiring a qualified builder like My Builder Essex, who has had previous experience designing or building extensions at a low cost.

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