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Seven Ideas That You Can Use to Rock Your Garden Room

Garden rooms or home offices specialist in ESSEX, my builder ESSEX are not only able to design your garden room or home office in line with ESSEX council planning regulations, but we can give you extra rooms in your home, using a garden room or home office without needing planning permission.

with years of experience building high quality and cheap garden rooms or home offices in Essex we are able to design a garden room or home office to meet the regulations, so while still giving a huge amount of extra space, we dont need planning permission for most size and height garden rooms or home offices in Essex.

That’s right NO PLANNING FOR garden room or home office ESSEX!

we can design the structural requirements to meet building regulations for any garden room or home office in line with Essex county council, and as a local trusted builder we work closely with the councils building control departments to ensure your home office or garden room is built to the highest standard, meaning it adds maximum value to your home in Essex

A garden room can be a great addition to any home. Whether you are looking for more space, want to up the value of your property, or just need some peace away from the world, getting one is an excellent idea. The garden room is a lovely way to spend your time in the summer or any other time of year for that matter. 

If you’re considering building garden rooms in Essex but have no idea where to start, look at these seven ideas for decorating your garden area that will blow you away!

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Outdoor kitchens

 One of the easiest ways to make a small space look bigger is by including a beautiful outdoor kitchen. If you are a fan of cooking outside, then this will also give you a place to do it. A get-together in the lap of the green garden around the BBQ can help bring back memories and good times. Outdoor Fire can also help warm up your cool evenings or days that might be coming soon.

A Dining Area

You can have your own personal outdoor restaurant with an indoor/outdoor space that includes seating and some decoration plants! Dining is great if you love having friends over or hosting events. It’s especially useful as the weather gets nicer because there won’t be any mosquitoes buzzing around while everyone eats dinner together in the small, cozy room. If your garden is bigger than usual, another good idea would be a barbeque pit instead so more people can enjoy themselves.

An entertainment area

Adding some comfy seats and a TV or media stand to your garden rooms is another approach to make good use of all the area without putting in much work. This might be a fantastic way to spend the summer, especially if you want to keep your house cool! Just relax outside with some food and beverages while watching movies or playing games.

A variety of seating options

If you want to create a multifunctional space, try including different types of seating. You can even add some fancy garden furniture like the round outdoor table with matching chairs to your garden rooms which are usually very affordable and easy to move around in case you need more room for activities or parties.


This is another one of those ideas that are easy to set up in any garden. It will let you plant vegetables and herbs so you can use them during cooking, for example. You’ll also be able to see what they look like before harvesting them, which might help guide future planting choices as well! Plus, it’s fun looking after plants even when there isn’t anything edible growing yet. Growing herbs indoors is especially helpful because cooking with fresh ingredients really elevates any dish. A greenhouse is an easy way to make use of the space you have in your garden.

Keep things simple

 Finally, remember not every area needs furniture! Huge spaces don’t have to feel empty because all of the ground space makes it easier for people to walk inside. A mix of traditional and modern pieces for your garden rooms can work well. Place some light furniture near the exits so that you have somewhere to sit when it’s raining.

Make sure there is enough room around your Garden Rooms for the construction and installation, as well as space for furniture. You may also want to consider what natural light you would like in your Garden Rooms, how much access you will need from inside the house, where power sockets should be positioned, etc.

Dozens of plants

Plant boxes are a fantastic method to bring life and beauty to your living space while also making it seem elegant. Depending on how much space there is available inside, they can be easily attached on walls or hung from hooks – just don’t forget about drainage! You’ll get more yield if they’re placed near windows, too, since sunlight will help them grow faster.– A few plants here and there can transform your garden rooms into a relaxing haven for adults as well as children. These living art pieces also produce oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide, making them perfect for indoor spaces.

Garden Room Plans and Installation

Garden rooms are built by specialist companies like My Essex Builder that offer full installation in Essex. There is a huge range of Garden Rooms available to buy online with many different styles and colors. My Essex Builder has stunning designs that you will want to show off! If you are looking for something that isn’t in our, then contact us; we can bespoke build any garden room.

My Essex Builder offers high-quality products that will stand the test of time, and we are very reasonably priced. We also have a great team who are experienced in Garden Room design, so you can relax while they take care of all the hard work for you! If you want to add some extra living space to your home but don’t know where to start, then get in touch with us at My  Builder Essex today. You won’t be disappointed with our service or quality!

A garden room is a great option to transform any home into an amazing outdoor space. My Builder Essex offer many different Garden Rooms designs that will suit every taste; from traditional conservatories to ultra-modern patio extensions, we have it all covered. These rooms are perfect for relaxation and entertainment; being able to bring the outside in has never been easier!

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