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Garage conversions in Essex

Garage conversions in Essex can be a cost-effective and practical exercise. The number of people using garages to collect and store their vehicles has declined. Consequently, garages turn into disused spaces containing junk or abandoned machinery, thus turning into a glorified shed. Many home owners dont realise the potential of incorporating the garage into the home, adding a great useable space to the home. garage conversions can add £££££’s to home values as well, with space becoming a commodity what better way to increase your property value than by utilising the garage that sits unused.

Garages are a great place to add extra living areas, whether it is for another bedroom or that huge kitchen you have always dreamed of, allowing space for a kitchen island, a dining table or seating area. A garage conversion could be an excellent way to provide your children with their own private playroom in addition to having them close by and under supervision during the day while you work from home as well!

How Much Space Can I Add by Garage Conversions in Essex?

A standard garage should be able to accommodate a single car. In order to fully maximize this space, you might want to consider removing an internal wall which will allow it to become part of your living area and create a larger lounge if desired. Depending on the owner’s needs, the space can then be used to provide a great living space, extending your kitchen or lounge, your imagination is the only limit!

While a double garage space can add considerable living space to a house, it may be difficult for the average family to use both spaces as parking areas. In this case, you could convert this unused wasted garage into an office, playroom, or luxury kitchen , depending on your needs and requirements. This is where we would recommend that you consider reaching out to us at My Builder Essex, a specialist building contractor, with decades of experience who can take care of all elements of the garage conversions in Essex, from design work to building works, to ensure that everything runs smoothly without any major issues arising during construction.

Can I Convert Part of my Garage?

No planning, did you know most garage conversions dont require planning permission, with the team at My Builder Essex being in close contact with Essex planning authorities regularly we stay up to date with the laws and legislations and we can avoid planning permission being needed for most garage conversions, we still follow the building regulations and you will receive a sign off from the local council on completion of your garage conversion. depending on local regulations and building standards in Essex.

This allows you to retain the utility of your garage and have a spare space for storing bikes or other items without the need to convert everything.

This brings us neatly onto garage conversions that involve flats above garages. There is an exception in London where you can build two storeys if it does not exceed 25 cubic meters (roughly the size of a shipping container), which means that this approach could be used across most parts of Essex too.

How Long Does It Take?

The one thing people are interested in when they think about garage conversions is how long it will take before they can actually make use of their newly converted garage space. The reality is that there isn’t much difference between what happens here compared with any building works taking place on-site; some projects can be completed in as little as three weeks, while others can take up to 12 weeks. My Builder Essex can work within timescales, and provide a program of works prior to works.

The first thing you need to do before the conversion starts is have a structural survey carried out on your garage by My Builder Essex; this will provide an accurate report of any problems which may be present within the structure itself; once these are resolved, then it’s simply a matter of following plan-sets detailed by My Builder Essex for your project (there are usually two or three sets depending upon which way we choose to approach converting your garage).

How Much Space Can I Add by Garage Conversions in Essex?

A standard garage should be able to accommodate a single car. In order to fully maximize this space, you might want to consider removing an internal wall which will allow it to become part of your living area and create a larger lounge or kitchen extension if desired. Depending on the owner’s needs, the garage conversion can be tailored to suit the layout to suit you and your home.

My Builder Essex can discuss during a free no- obligation survey your expectations and budgets and provide a detailed quote to suit your desired outcome from the garage conversion.


How Do I Make the Conversion Look Seamless?

You don’t want the original garage space to look like a conversion, even one that has been done well. The idea is to make it appear as though you have always had an indoor room, and this can be achieved utilising structural designs to remove steel from views, leaving seamless ceilings and floor levels, making the converted garage seem as though it was always part of your home.

Skylights, bi-fold doors and windows are always advised on garage conversion, this maximises the light into what was once a dark unused garage now creating a light airy spacious hoem.

Can I Make my Garage Conversion Two Storey?

The answer is yes – it depends on the look and feels you want to achieve. If your desire is for a more traditional upstairs space with bedrooms, then yes- but if you are looking at using the extra space as an office, kitchen extension or simply a larger ground floor (for example), then this probably isn’t necessary, and most importantly not cost effective. While adding floorspace adds value to any home, the outlay for a second storey extension on a converted garage can on occasion match the initial outlay.

You will also need planning permission for a 2 storey garage conversions in Essex, Cambridge or Suffolk, Most conversions only require that My Builder Essex follow the building regulations,  which means that they don’t have too many design constraints or lengthy costly delays that can be added by planners, The council’s policy will vary according to where exactly you live, so it’s best to check with My Builder Essex during our initial survey if your unsure.

How Should I Use my Garage Space?

New Kitchen Diner

If you have a large garage and want to use it for entertaining or just fitting out your kitchen, then converting one-half of the space into an area that can be used is cost-effective and will give you a more functional living room.

Bedroom And Study

Another good reason for garage conversions in Essex would be if there were already someone in the family who wanted their own bedroom - often this means creating a happier home and more space without moving home. Converting a garage isn't restricted to a bedroom alone we can provide en-suite bathrooms, or create a stand alone annexe!
home extension cladded walls

An Annexe

Garage conversions in Essex can be used to build an attached, detached, or completely freestanding annex. This extra space could become a guest bedroom suite for your parents or even a new home office.
office, sitting room, executive luxury home office

A Home Office

A garage conversion can provide valuable extra space for your home office. This is particularly true if you live in a city and the garage is close to where most of the family spends time, or it's on a lower floor than other rooms that are used more often. There are no limitations with this kind of conversion as the space is already built it is merely meeting building regulations for habitable space.
gym girl, training apparatus, kickboxing-1391368.jpg

Home Gym

Busy schedule and lack of motivation to work out? Why not use your garage as a home gym and do it in the comfort of your own home. A garage conversion can be used for all kinds of things, including this one!


A garage conversion can make an excellent playroom for the kids. This is another way to get the most form your space without having to alter too much about how you currently use the house layout. Garage conversions in Essex provide homeowners with many amazing options when that extra space is needed or wanted

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