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My Builder Essex is a residential construction company that has been building dream homes in the United Kingdom. The company focuses on creating exclusive, luxurious, and innovative projects that will stand out in any neighborhood. They provide top-of-the-line customer service to make sure every client feels like they are their only priority. My Builder Essex also offers many home design options so customers can find something unique for their needs.

My Essex Builder is a company that specializes in building homes and helping people find the perfect home for their needs. The team at My Builder Essex cares deeply about providing quality workmanship, and they take pride in every house they build, and it shows with the high-quality buildings they construct.

Their commitment to excellence sets them apart from other builders in the area because it takes more than just good design to build the perfect house – it takes attention to detail and quality craftsmanship!

My Essex Builder Services

House Extension

Loft Conversion


Design and Planning

New Build Homes



House extension

My Builder Essex is the go-to company if you’re looking to build your dream home from scratch, add a room or two onto your current house or want to renovate and refurbish. They have been in business for decades, so they really know their stuff when it comes to construction and renovation!

My Essex Builder has options available for everyone, including increasing square footage or adding an extra bedroom, bathroom, etc. Their highly-skilled team can work with all budgets too, which is great news for those on a budget…no need to compromise anymore! They have got some of the best plans out there that will make your design dreams come true.

Loft conversion

A loft conversion is the process of converting the unused attic space of a home into usable rooms. My Builder Essex can help you with all aspects of this process, including planning and building regulations, as well as

All work is fully guaranteed, so if anything does go wrong, we will be there to fix it for you! My Essex Builder is the best at what they do without having huge overheads that come with a big name company, which means their prices are great too – something everyone wants but cannot always find in today’s marketplace. My Builder Essex has become one of the UK’s most trusted companies by focusing on providing quality service through hardworking employees who care about customer satisfaction. They have been awarded multiple accolades throughout their history and continue to grow year while still maintaining their core values.


The renovation work can bring new life to your house and even increase its value. My Essex Builder has the expertise to handle all types of renovation work for you – no matter how big or small! They can do everything from refurbishments to complete new builds. This means that whatever type of project you are working on with them will be successful in every way.

My Builder Essex is not just any other construction company; they take pride in their work which means renovating a property could become as easy as A-B-C when using this service provider.

designing and planning

My Essex Builder also offers design and planning services. With their help, you will be able to get through the entire process smoothly while still maintaining a tasteful and functional design for your home or office without any major problems or setbacks.

My Builder Essex specializes in new builds, but they do not just work on homes; commercial projects are also within their expertise, which means there is no limit to how far their services can reach. Whether this company offers interior decorating ideas, renovation tips, building techniques, etc., they have got you covered!

new build homes

If anyone looking to build a new home, then My Builder Essex is here for you. They offer everything from the beginning to the end of your construction process so you can sit back and relax knowing that they are working with all their heart and soul on your dream house!

My Essex Builder specializes in more than just building homes; if there’s any commercial lot you need to be built, such as retail stores or restaurants, let them know because this company offers services like these too.


My Builder Essex also offers extension services that will expand your current home to meet all of your needs! They can build an addition such as a garage or en-suite, which is perfect for those who want their home at a high standard and built with the latest features and fashion. Always be sure you’re up to date on what’s in style by checking out My Builder Essex’s official website, where they have many galleries full of different styles and designs that are available just for you.


The construction of a safe and secure basement is the main need of the modern family. At My Builder Essex, we take providing our customers with a safe environment seriously, and that’s why you will find only reliable basement construction experts working for us who can provide the best solutions to make your basement more secure and functional.

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Why should you hire My Builder Essex?

My Essex Builder is the most respected Builder of choice in the area, and with a proven track record, you can be sure that your house will impress family, friends, and neighbors alike. If you’re looking for an upgrade or downsizing, then My Essex Builder has got everything from small starter houses to all the way up to spacious luxury estates!

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100% risk Free Service

We guarantee our work with complete satisfaction. And if you have a compliant with our work, we will discuss with you, look into it and fix whatever do not like at no additional cost to you.

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Affordable Fees

For any project you have, we offer affordable prices and our charges are the most competitive possible in the entire Essex area.

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No Hidden Charges

All our charges are clearly stated in the contract we give you to sign. We do not have any hidden charges; so, what you see on the contract is what you pay. No more, no less.

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Deadline Date

We will work according to plan to ensure that your project is completed within the deadline indicated in the contract. So, you do not have worry.

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As profession Essex builders, we will provide you with advice that will help to bring out the best in your project based on our experience.

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We promise only what we can deliver. So, whatever we say we are going to do, we will do it; rest assured. We will fulfil all our promises to you – guaranteed!